TikToking From 0 to 300k Followers in 60 Days

Turning downtime into uptime and growing your social media presence fast on an app that just passed 2 billion downloads.

TikTok has seen a recent surge in standup comedy
How your videos will show up on users devices. Instagram formatting is not optimal.
Both have great content but the left one looks native to the platform
Be careful to put your subtitles high enough to clear your title and hashtags
Use an app like InShot to size your video. I use 4:5 when not possible to use 9:16
You never know who will pop up in your comments. Pay attention to them.
Use the free analytics tool to understand where your views come from
Look at analytics to see when most of your audience are online
Change your privacy settings if you don’t want people to be able to download your videos

Bestselling writer. Comedian. Producer. TED speaker. Irishman ☘️

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